Training Services

I offer a variety of training services depending on your needs:

1.) Private lessons to teach basic commands,

Focus (attention on you), Sit, Down, Stay, Come (recall), Place (dog goes to his bed or crate), Heel (walking on a leash) and Leave It

or solve annoying behaviors:

excessive barking, separation anxiety, puling on the leash, jumping up, destructive tendencies (chewing) etc…

Your dog will learn the commands and appropriate behavior, and you will learn how to make those behaviors reliable for his lifetime. These lessons can be in your home, at your local park, or wherever your dog’s behavior leaves something to be desired.

Most of these things can be accomplished in five to fifteen sessions.

2.) For those of us suffering from lack of time, I also offer more intensive board and train packages where your dog comes home with me to learn. This usually takes 1-3 weeks and is concluded by some follow up lessons with you.

Please contact me for pricing, consultation or any other questions!

Tel.: 323.600.5610

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