About Annie

As a trainer I  believe in a balanced approach. I also believe this approach should be dictated by the dog, not an abstract idea of what “dog training” should be. Each dog is a little different, so it is up to us to figure out the best ways to teach your dog, and the best way to make the things he learns reliable and consistent.

I have been enthusiastically involved in dog rescue, sports and shows for a some years. I am especially devoted to the Cane Corso breed and have competed successfully in obedience with my own dogs as well as client’s dogs.

Figuring out how dogs learn is a lifelong intriguing and fascinating topic to me and I hope to instill a little of that fascination in my clients.

My current dog’s accomplishments include:

CGC passed on 12/7/10

CSAU passed on 9/4/11

TDI passed 10/10/11

CDX earned 5/27/12 by taking three 1st places with scores of  193.5, 195, and 196 under judge Bonnie Lee.

IPO 3 (BH, 1, 2, 3), earned 10/6/12 by taking 1st place out of nine GSDs under WDA/SV Judge Mike West. High Tracking award, High Score IPO2, High Score IPO 3.

RE earned 10/28/12

Videos available at theNASAdog on youtube.

We are currently training in  IPO (Schutzhund)

For more on my dog NASA and the Cane Corso breed, and puppies please visit nasadogblog.com

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